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Analyzers - Analyzing The Electronic Testing Equipments


Whether you are looking for test equipment to evaluate a project or as a way of ensuring the ongoing quality of the work you do, acquiring the necessary machines can be a costly affair. There are a number of ways in which companies operating on a tight budget can still get the most up to date equipment at a fraction of the cost.

Purchasing outright was traditionally the way of getting new capital equipment. However, these days it's only the cash rich or badly informed that take that option. Over the last ten years or so there has been a rise in the number of companies that offer renting and leasing options. Quite often there is still the opportunity to buy the equipment completely, with one single final payment.

Leasing or renting option

The leasing and renting of test equipment has been steadily growing over recent years and the advent of today's current economic problems has seen this trend rising even more rapidly.


The credit crunch has left many Analyzers scratching in the dirt for spare funds and high quality, delicate testing apparatuses do not come cheap. Leasing allows you to take on essential machines over a pre-determined period at a constant rate and purchase if you so desire at the end of the contract.

Renting gives you the ultimate in flexibility and is especially useful if you have the need of particular equipment for short durations each year. Normally this would have meant the equipment was left standing idle in the storeroom for months on end but the renting option means you are only paying for what you use.

Rented test equipment benefits

There are a number of benefits that Analyzers get from short-term hire or longer leasing contracts. The regular renewal of agreements means companies are more likely to have access to the most state of the art equipment.


Renting affords you the opportunity to "try before you buy" and should the apparatus not meet your needs you haven't spent a fortune to discover this fact.

Hire company support is another factor and delivery times, down time, professional Analyzers and calibration are always on hand. They are also able to give you more balanced advice on suitable equipment, as they tend to deal with a wide range of products and therefore have greater sector knowledge.

That is not to say buying is necessarily a bad thing but for quick projects, seasonal requirements or suitability testing, rent or lease agreements give you more flexibility and are less of a financial strain in the short term.

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