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Counters To Be Used While Testing Equipment


The big question whenever the topic of getting new capital equipment arises is "but how much will it cost us?" These days cost doesn't necessarily have to be the major concern as there are a number of financing methods available.

Purchasing test equipment outright is normally people's immediate reaction but of recent years this has not always been the case and there are plenty of good lease and rental deals available that mean purchasing might not be your best option.

Buy or lease How do you decide between buying your next essential piece of equipment or simply renting it. Well as much as it depends on the packages available, the terms on offer and the discounts offered, the type of equipment itself could influence your choice.

Certain test equipment lends itself to renting. If you are using a machine sporadically or only need it for a particular project then renting is ideal. However, if the machine is comprised of lots of moving parts and active buttons then renting is also a better option. Machines with mechanical parts have a greater tendency to breakdown.


Wear and tear, daily usage and an occasional knock can see them put out of action. Down time due to machine failure can be a costly exercise and rented equipment is replaced far quicker than machines that have been bought outright.

Rapid change Equipment that is prone to regular technological developments are also cheaper if you rent or lease them. In today's fast paced techno revolution, test equipment has rapidly evolved and if you want to use state of the art apparatus then renting is the best choice as you can easily hire out the latest design or newest version.

Slow burner Test equipment that evolves slowly and whose technology has altered little over the years is a better option for buying straight out. Electronics test equipment such as oscilloscopes are pretty standard units and have changed little over time.


If you are likely to use the machine regularly over a number of years then in the long run you will probably save money as ten years down the line the technology will still be the same as the piece you originally started out with, saving you money.

To best decide between purchasing, renting or leasing think about how a particular machine has developed over time. If it uses the same principles it always has, then the same is likely to be true in the future and buying is a good choice. If your test equipment is prone to rapid technological developments or involves lots of moving pieces that are likely to break, then renting is probably a better option.

Modern test equipment is used in electronics in combination with measuring tools. Commercial test equipment can be manually operated or can be fully automated. Test equipment can be of many types range from those used in testing a simple light bulb to complex, computerized and automated testing systems. Automated test equipment is usually difficult to operate and manufacturers provide manuals to help users implement them optimally.

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