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Automated Test Equipment (ATE) is computer controlled equipment that is used for testing the performance and functionality of electronic devices or even help in subassembly of electronic components, PCBs or PCAs. Furthermore, ATE is used to perform stress testing which involves minimal human interaction.

ATE performs tests on a device, known as the Device Under Test (DUT). This device is very efficient in measuring the performance and evaluating the test results. DUT is physically connected to the ATE through a machine called a Handler or Prober and a customized Interface Test Adapter (ITA) that helps in familiarizing the ATE's resources to the DUT.

In this process the steps are repeatable, consistent and faster in comparison to the manual processes. It is a great advantage of technology to mankind which is making the testing process much simpler and faster. Most of the smart manufacturing companies have adopted this methodology which has proved really beneficial to them.

Earlier it used to take several hours to perform testing of Modules for 'Scopes but now with the automated test equipment the same task is done in few minutes. Due to this reason ATE is considered to be cost effective and efficient electronic testing equipment which is ideal for high volume testing.


The automated test equipment process involves hardware control, sensors and software support for collecting and analyzing the test results. In the ATE process, it has range of sensing techniques such as machine vision which are used in the testing of the electronic devices.

Apart from the electronic industry, there are many other domains which are making use of this technology for their benefit including medical equipment, automotive industry, airplane and other manufacturing companies where there high volume testing is involved. But if you are thinking that every company uses the same software for testing then get your Modules for 'Scopes corrected.

It goes without saying, if the testing product is different, so must be the software type. So, for the technicians every time they test equipment, they need to write a new test process. This is definitely a tedious task which requires lot of technical knowledge and expertise.

In the semiconductor industry this electronic testing equipment is used for testing various electronic devices and systems. Right from simple components like resistors, capacitors to complex, completely-assembled electronic systems, all are tested with the help of ATE.

Signal Generator

In the semiconductor ATE architecture there are several components included such as master controller which is designed with the aim of synchronizing the source and capture instruments.

When dealing with powerful electrical currents, Modules for 'Scopes have to ensure that the intended input and output of electricity is occurring in order to ensure that whatever device will work properly.

If there is a higher or lower amount than needed, not only will the electrical equipment not work, but it may short-circuit, which could completely damage the device and possibly cause a fire.

There are a number of ways your electrician ensures that the wires are working properly, but using an electronic testing device, such as those from Fluke, is the best way to ensure you have an accurate reading.

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