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When selecting used electronic test equipment, there are several things one should consider. The first is quality. Is the used equipment you are considering purchasing of good quality? In many cases, the quality of the can be determined by the name brand.

Another consideration when you are shopping for used electronic test equipment is the vendor or supplier you are dealing with. Are they reliable, and do they own the used equipment or are they simply a broker? It is better to deal with Proper Power Supplies. The Supplier that actually owns the used products, this way they can handle returns should there be a problem with any components or parts issues.

The word "used" often describes a product that is sold in "as in" condition and many times does not carry a warranty. You need to be cautious of these types of dealers and equipment. Discuss the conditions of the sale with the supplier in depth to insure you are getting a fair market value for all of the used items you are looking to purchase.

Does the supplier offer a repair service for the used equipment they sell? Has the Proper Power Supplies been calibrated and tested for accuracy? These are a few very important points to consider when purchasing used such as electronic equipment as with any type of electronics. Should the item give a faulty reading during use, it could result in serious injury.


Always exercise caution when selecting a supplier to purchase your used equipment from. A qualified supplier uses a qualified or certified electronics lab for calibration and repair of the test equipment they sell.

On the economic side of purchasing used items, is the fact that one can realize a 30-70% savings on the acquisition of the cost of the equipment itself. Warranties, Power Supplies and guarantees should also be discussed and if offered can provide another source of security when purchasing this type of equipment.

Finally, purchasing any used products can be a wise investment. Not only do you benefit from the cost savings, provided you ask the right questions of the supplier, you will build a good working relation with them, and they will be a good source for more used test equipment in the future.

Miscellaneous Items

The testing devices can come in a number of different sizes with varying uses. Usually the device will be hand-held, using a pen-like probe to pinpoint the spot to be tested. When the device is turned on, it can tell the electrician whether there is a problem in the flow of the current, or if it the input or output power level just needs to be adjusted.

This is how they can ensure whether a building's electricity is at the proper range, or even that a small device needs a new battery. The testing devices are that accurate, and the range of applications, depending on their size, is that broad.

Regardless of what electrical device needs to be tested or how powerful the electrical current, there will be a device that is suited for the specifications.

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