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Things That You Need To Know About Signal Generator

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Have you ever heard about signal generator? If you haven't heard about it, you need to read this article. This article will give you a short explanation about the function and types of signal devices. Signal deviceis also called as a test signal device. This device is used to produce electrical impulses. You can use this device to test, repair and test electronic and acoustic devices. This device has many types based on its function. There is no one signal device that is suitable to all devices and purposes. This device has two major categories. They are function and arbitrary waveform devices.

The simpler type is function. This type produces wave-like form. This equipment has a circuit that produces repeating wave (sine wave). This device is often used in repairing and designing electronics.

This device will send signals to test the particular circuit which is connected to an oscilloscope to measure the output signal. Since there are many kinds of electronic appliances,this device has many kinds of type and model to fulfill your needs.

Arbitrary waveform has some differences with function one. This device produces more forms than the previous device. This equipment produces many kinds of wave such as triangular, square, etc. this device is more expensive than any other signal equipment.


Before people found signal device, they use similar device to produce signal. When people build a new radio station, they will measure another radio's performance as their standard. This radio measurement is called as "golden radio".

This method is cheaper and has a lot of advantages but they have one main disadvantage. This golden radio's performance is unstable. This condition makes golden radio can't be used as reliable equipment. You need to choose modern signal device to get the most accurate, precise and specific test equipment.

Signal generator is used to check if there is any problem in your electronic appliances. This generator will only be used on the appliances that receive or produce signal, such as radio, and television. This device will check the transmission of the signal. If you have your radio transmission is disturbed or not good, this device will help you to find the problem.


This device is usually used in transmitter or station. They will be checked regularly to control the signal quality so that the radio station or television station will broadcast successfully.

As it is stated on the paragraph above, you will need ac signal generator with a certain frequency of certain amplitude to the input system. You can examine the results that produced in other parts of the system. Electronic things that produce such signals are known as signal generator.

Function generator produces various waves such as sine-wave, square-wave, etc. they are produced in different size, shape and climb voltage or sweeping. Function generator works in frequency less than 1 Hz till more than 10Mhz. This generator can be a LC oscillator or synthesizer system.

Most of this device is produced to work at 50 or 600. The out put can be adjusted around 10V to 0V.

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